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A.G.E. Defence Cream

A.G.E. Defence Cream

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A 4-in-1 solution for devitalized skin, Elastan™ Cellular A.G.E. Defense Cream preserves and protects the skin’s youthful appearance by providing protection, repair and refinement.

Active ingredients target enzymes that regulate the aging process, protecting skin with anti-elastase properties as well as fighting against the degradation of the elastic fiber network found within the skin.

Elastin production is significantly boosted by protecting skin from glycation. Vit-a-like™, a powerful exfoliant, has been found to be more effective than retinol.

Accelerates epidermal turnover significantly stimulating growth factors and collagen synthesis, resulting in a recognizable anti-aging effect on the skin.

Stimulates Elastin helping to improve firmness and elasticity Increases cell turn over, restoring youthful complexion Mineral rich formulation feeds the skin nutrients

Directions for use
4–in-1 Botanical Solution for Devitalized Skin Apply Serum for clients skin type. Followed by A.G.E. Defence to face and neck, using light pressure.

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